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You want to write words that matter
But something keeps getting in the way.
You've always Wanted To...
Write a book
Start a blog
Share your story
But the whole process can be confusing, lonely, and overwhelming. 

We're the founders of hope*writers and we know what it’s like to feel stuck, aimless, and uninspired in our writing. If you are:

• a beginning writer with questions about next steps

• a writer whose starting to feel frazzled and unfocused in your work

• an author who wants to see how others balance the business side of the writing life

We’ve All Been There

One thing we all have in common is we would love to have another writer who’s been there to walk alongside us, but we’re pretty much afraid to ask. Or maybe we’ve asked but everyone is just too busy.

We’ve had these questions and more . . .

You Know What We’ve Always Done? 

Asked each other.

For years we’ve had a built-in support system where sister asks sister, daughter asks dad, and dad asks daughter. And when none of us knows what to do? We ask our favorite tech guy, Brian.

Over time, we’ve all learned together. Maybe you haven’t had anything like that but wish you did.


You’ve got us – 

Brian Dixon is a tech, video, and marketing guru who wants to help you create and launch your first online product. He can’t wait to answer your technology questions.
Emily P. Freeman is the author of four books and has been blogging over ten years. A speaker and curious listener, she writes to create space for the soul to breathe. She loves talking to writers about writing and can’t wait to help cast a hopeful vision for your work.
Myquillyn Smith (The Nester) has been blogging for 9 years and is an author, entrepreneur and maker of pretty things. 
Gary knows the mighty courage it takes to let God use your soul to encourage others in your writing. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, he’s driven to inspire that courage in you. He’s dad of Myquillyn and Emily, and is writing his first book now at age 65.
We’ve Gathered A Whole Community Of Writers Like You

We are a community who write about hope, who value encouragement and practical advice about writing as craft, business, and calling.

The community is called hope*writers. We believe we do our best work when we have good support. We want to help you skip the learning curve we’ve had to struggle through.

Join Us Today and We’ll Show You How To:
Become a better writer with the time you have
Focus and clarify your message
Share your work with confidence
Find the tools you need and ignore the rest
Maintain balance between writing and life
A place to find answers to your questions

We’ve discovered that most writers have the same kinds of questions and concerns:

– Who am I to write something for someone else?

– I’m afraid someone will criticize me, and they’ll be right.

– A book has been rolling around in my soul for years, what do I do?

– I’m published and experienced, but I can’t keep up this pace for much longer. How can I maintain healthy boundaries between my writing and my life?

– The idea of self-promotion makes me want to hide forever, it feels so icky.

– I’m a busy mom and I feel guilty and dumb about my longing to write. How do I know if this is God’s invitation or just my own selfish ambition?  

It’s easy to think you’re the only one with these feelings. NO WAY.

You’re not alone, and we’ll help you get through these common questions so you can do your best work with joy:

You’ll Be Part of The Community

The Community is the hope*writers private Facebook group where you can safely ask all those questions you think are dumb.It’s the place where you personally connect with other writers and  discover you’re not alone.

– It’s where you make writer friends and are able to ask for help and advice.

– Looking for something on hope*writers and can’t find it? Ask your writer friends.

– Have an idea and need feedback? Ask your writer friends.

– Need encouragement? Your writer friends have been there too and want to help. And you’ll be there for them, too!

You’ll Have Access to The hope*Writer’s Library

The Writer’s Library is where all your articles, audio, video, and other resources will live. You can search by category, by need, by tags, or using the search box.

AND you’ll find a growing library of video interviews with authors at various stages of the writing journey. They’ll  share what they’ve done when they were right where you are.

You’ll also get interviews with several publishing professionals, giving you straight answers from the experts.

You’ll Gain Peace and Confidence From the Unique Hope*Writers Perspective

There’s more to writing than words, books, readers, publishing, marketing, and expertise.

Hope*writers offers  a unique perspective, one that supports not only your writing but your whole life.  

In order to be a source of hope for others, you have to have a whole-life perspective about your writing.

What is this perspective?

Hope*writers understand the importance of craft, social-media, and the publishing business but we approach them in a way our soul can understand, process, and apply

Hope*writers embrace our meaningful calling without sacrificing our meaningful life

Hope*writers believe we can do the work we feel called to do in the authentic way we feel called to do it

Hope*writers know how to  hustle without losing our heart

Hope*writers write words that matter

Write More Words With Less Worry

And your writing deserves the investment.

Because what you have to offer isn’t for you alone, it’s in you so it can come out of you. 

And if you’ve read this far?

Well, we believe that proves writing is the way you were meant to share what you have to say.

It’s time to stop listening to fear and start taking the next step with your writing. Hope*writers is that next step for you.

How Much Is It Worth to You to Sit Down Every Month With Authors You Trust And Have Your Writing Questions Answered?

Would it be worth the price of grande coffees and a pecan roll for each of you? That’s about the price of hope*writers: $22 per month.

Right now is the next step you’ve been waiting for. Don’t wait any longer. Readers are waiting for hope from you. They’re worth it and so are you.

Of course your email stays totally private.

Of course you get access to everything as long as you’re a hope*writer.

Of course you can cancel anytime.

Of course you can start RIGHT NOW.

You’ll Have Access to The Writer’s Library
Join hope*writers now for only $22 a month

includes instant access to:

► hope*writers membership library

► private Facebook community

►live weekly q*a sessions
Join hope*writers now for only $219 a year

includes instant access to:

► hope*writers membership library

► private Facebook community

►live weekly q*a sessions
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What members of hope*writers have to say:
Hope*Writers is where I always go to help silence my anxious thoughts. I might show up with many questions, but I always leave energized and ready to get back to what I know and love-- the writing.
Cynthia Stuckey
 When I talk to people in my every day life about writing, I'm greeted with blank stares and quick subject changes. When I talk to my Hope*Writer friends about writing, I'm 100% understood, welcomed, counseled, and encouraged. I didn't know there was a missing piece to my writing world until I joined Hope*Writers. Turns out, it was a pretty big piece.
Glenna Marshall 
When I first joined Hope*Writers I was about ready to throw in the towel when it came to writing. The articles and videos in Hope*Writers have been invaluable, but the community even more so. They have reminded me that my words matter and we each have a gift to offer.
Lauren Smith DeVries
Join hope*writers now for only $22 a month

includes instant access to:

► hope*writers membership library

► private Facebook community

►live weekly q*a sessions
Join hope*writers now for only $219 a year

includes instant access to:

► hope*writers membership library

► private Facebook community

►live weekly q*a sessions
(save $45)

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