Wish You Could Sit With An Author You Trust

and Ask All Your Writing Questions?

This Is Your Chance To Do That,

Only Better.

Hope*Writers TeamFROM: Emily, Myquillyn, Dr. Brian, and Dad (Gary)

We know what it’s like to feel stuck, aimless, and uninspired in our writing.

Maybe you’re a beginning writer and have questions about what steps to take next.

Or you’ve been writing for a while but your words are starting to feel frazzled. You need perspective on how to live the life you’re encouraging others to live, without feeling like a phony.

Or maybe you’re an author who’s been doing this for years but you long to see how other writers balance the business side of the writing life.

We’ve All Been There

intimidated by the publishing process

weary of the pace of the internet and your place in it

aimless in your writing

frustrated by your lack of knowledge about the tools you need, much less how to use them

One thing we all have in common is we would love to have another writer who’s been there to walk alongside us, but we’re pretty much afraid to ask. Or maybe we’ve asked but everyone is just too busy.

We’ve had these questions and more . . .

You Know What We’ve Always Done? 

Asked each other.

For years we’ve had a built-in support system where sister asks sister, daughter asks dad, and dad asks daughter. And when none of us knows what to do? We ask our favorite tech guy, Brian.

Over time, we’ve all learned together. Maybe you haven’t had anything like that but wish you did.


You’ve got us – sisters Emily P. Freeman and Myquillyn Smith have both been writing online for ten years now with over 100,000 combined followers on Facebook and Instagram. They’ve published a total of five books, several of them best sellers.

Their dad, Gary Morland, has 30 years of professional broadcasting experience and recently signed his first book contract at age 64.

And Brian Dixon is a tech, video, and marketing guru who has self published a book and worked with Michael Hyatt and Dan Miller, and he can’t wait to answer your technology questions.

But the four of us aren’t the only part of the team.

We’ve Gathered A Whole Community Of Writers Like You

A community of people who write about hope, who value encouragement and practical advice about writing as craft, business, and calling.

The community is called hope*writers. We believe we do our best work when we have good support. We want to help you skip the learning curve we’ve had to struggle through.

This Is Your Invitation to Join Hope*Writers

Here are three things we hope you’ll do to help shape and influence this place:

1  Join hope*writers now.

2  Give feedback. Tell us what you think, share ideas, make suggestions, ask us questions. When you join you’ll get a series of welcome emails – we’ll remind you then that we’d love – and we need – your feedback.

3  Join the hope*writers private Facebook group. Introduce yourself, share where you’re from and where you are on your writing journey. Make a friend and engage people to help the community become a place of connection and encouragement – both for you and for us!

Join Us Today and We’ll Show You How To:

– Become a better writer

– Focus and clarify your message so you can finally write that book

Share your work with confidence so you can encourage even more readers

Find the tools you need to do the work you love, and freely ignore the rest

Maintain balance between writing and life

We’ve discovered that most writers have the same kinds of questions and concerns:

– Who am I to write something for someone else?

– I’m afraid someone will criticize me, and they’ll be right.

– A book has been rolling around in my soul for years, what do I do?

– I’m published and experienced, but I can’t keep up this pace for much longer. How can I maintain healthy boundaries between my writing and my life?

– The idea of self-promotion makes me want to hide forever, it feels so icky.

– I’m a busy mom and I feel guilty and dumb about my longing to write. How do I know if this is God’s invitation or just my own selfish ambition?  

It’s easy to think you’re the only one with these feelings. NO WAY.

You’re not alone, and we’ll help you get through these common questions so you can do your best work with joy:

You’ll Be Part of The Community

The Community is the hope*writers private Facebook group where you can safely ask all those questions you think are dumb.It’s the place where you personally connect with other writers and  discover you’re not alone.

– It’s where you make writer friends and are able to ask for help and advice.

– Looking for something on hope*writers and can’t find it? Ask your writer friends.

– Have an idea and need feedback? Ask your writer friends.

– Need encouragement? Your writer friends have been there too and want to help. And you’ll be there for them, too!

You’ll Have Access to The Writer’s Library

The Writer’s Library is where all your articles, audio, video, and other resources will live. You can search by category, by need, by tags, or using the search box.

AND you’ll find a growing library of video interviews with authors at various stages of the writing journey. They’ll  share what they’ve done when they were right where you are.

You’ll also get interviews with several publishing professionals, giving you straight answers from the experts.

You’ll Get How-To Guides To Answer Your Specific Questions

Another easy way to get help is a growing group of How-To Guides. Each How-To Guide will answer a specific common question, all in one tight package.

Guides we’re working on right now include:

– How to Combat Writer’s Block

– How to Ask for Endorsements

– How to Promote Your Message and Not Yourself

– How to Handle Doubt and Criticism

– How to Pitch to An Editor

– How to Write A Book Proposal

… and this is just the beginning.

You’ll Gain Peace and Confidence From the Unique Hope*Writers Perspective

There’s more to writing than words, books, readers, publishing, marketing, and expertise . . . 

Hope*writers offers  a unique perspective, one that supports not only your writing but your whole life.  

In order to be a source of hope for others, you have to have a whole-life perspective about your writing.

What is this perspective?

– Hope*writers understand the importance of craft, social-media, and the publishing business . . . but we approach them in a way our soul can understand, process, and apply

– Hope*writers believe we can embrace our meaningful calling without sacrificing our meaningful life

– Hope*writers believe we can do the work we feel called to do in the authentic way we feel called to do it

– Hope*writers know how to  hustle without losing our heart

– Hope*writers write words that matter

It’s Time To Write More Words With Less Worry, Y’all 

And your writing deserves the investment.

Because what you have to offer isn’t for you alone, it’s in you so it can come out of you. 

And if you’ve read this far?

Well, we believe that proves writing is the way you were meant to share what you have to say.

It’s time to stop listening to fear and start taking the next step with your writing. Hope*writers is that next step for you.

How Much Is It Worth to You to Sit Down Every Month With Authors You Trust And Have Your Writing Questions Answered?

Would it be worth the price of grande coffees and a pecan roll for each of you? That’s about the price of hope*writers: $15 per month.

Right now is the next step you’ve been waiting for. Don’t wait any longer. Readers are waiting for hope from you. They’re worth it and so are you.

Of course your email stays totally private.

Of course you get access to everything as long as you’re a hope*writer.

Of course you can cancel anytime.

Of course you can start RIGHT NOW.


(Add to Cart- Just $15)

Your writing helps people. We want to help you.

See you inside hope*writers,

Emily, Myquillyn, Dr. Brian, and Dad (Gary)