You Might be a Hope*Writer If…

You Might be a Hope*Writer If…

Your hopewriter calling is not just writing.

Your calling is to spread hope, to connect, and to be relentlessly helpful, without sacrificing your life and family.

But, the writing life can have so many pieces, industry standards, and things it seems like you’re supposed to do. How do you know what’s best for YOUR calling?

This is the Hopewriter Way – a perspective, a camera angle, a value system that focuses only on what YOU should do, think, and feel.


Season 2 Episode 3: You might be a Hope*Writer If . . .





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October 6, 2016

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  1. Iesha Boitmann

    Inner conflict … YES. The word “hustle” feeling like the opposite of authenticity… YES. Wanting to feed the fire that has already been ignited … YES.

    When your heart beats loud for the craft, it can be deafening- the get pulled between trusting the process and creating more (& more & more) content. Basically, quality vs quantity. So much of this episode reminded me of what has burned me out in the last year. I feel like I have permission to keep walking, to do it whole-heartedly, stay excited, and to encourage one person a day.

    Thank you. I didn’t even know this is what I needed to hear.


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