How do you make a great video for your website from your home?

Here's a behind the scenes video from a recent shoot:

You don’t need a $10,000 budget to record great video. Here are four tips:

  1. Start with lighting.
    • Fill in the shadow of your eyes
    • Remove the shadow from behind you
    • Use “daylight balanced” bulbs.
  2. Improve your sound:
    • Use a microphone to get your voice closer to the input
    • Overhead or boom microphone is a great place to start
    • lapel microphone can really help
  3. Upgrade your cameras:
    • Use the video setting on your DSLR.
    • Use the manual focus setting.
    • Consider upgrading your camera lens to a video lens.
  4. Use an external video monitor.
    • View your video from a larger screen
    • This will help maintain video focus

The tips can help you improve your video quality.

So, how do you feel about video? What questions do you have? Leave a note below.