We all do idiotic things that seem smart at the time. Then later . . .

Here are some of our idiot moves. Real stories we’re embarrassed by today, that seemed like such good ideas at the time. BUT we can learn from it, and laugh at ourselves, and use it to motivate ourselves, right?

** Hear Brian’s story of how NOT to get an editor’s attention. We all laugh. You will too.

** Emily shares how you can be clueless about marketing, and yet survive!

** Gary teaches you how to never get any writing projects done – an idiot move he still struggles with that HAS A CURE that Brian will share.

** And you’ll hear the real story behind Myquillyn’s 31 Days blog events. *spoiler* She ended up hating it, BUT she learned from it, and you can too.

We do this so you won’t have to suffer the same embarrassment, but we realize that no matter what, you can’t avoid idiot moves – so how can we make the most of them and keep moving anyway? It’s all here.


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