Writing can take a lot out of you. How can you make the most of your writing energy?

How can you move forward and be creative when you feel like you’ve been doing things a certain way forever?

The answer: You need to find your own balance of system and soul.

Emily talks with her friend and fellow Hope*Writer Kendra Adachi from thelazygeniuscollective.com. Emily shares how Kendra helped her with practical ideas to funnel her writing energy, and with ways to organize her writing with categories and rhythms to make the most of her time.

You’ll also discover the value of a boss lady meeting. Emily and Kendra share how they did theirs and how a boss lady meeting can help you see the light of what works and what doesn’t for you. It’s a beautiful example of how we can encourage each other by caring and being sensitive. Your strength helps me. My strength helps you. But we need to connect and talk and be honest, in order to help each other see what we can’t see on our own.

Everybody has a writing system, whether your realize it or not. This episode will help you recognize and make the most of your system, and balance it with your soul.


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