You could also call this episode: HOW TO TAKE A BREAK!

The whole idea of being a hope writer is that first you have hope – then you can give it. To have hope, you need to feel it’s heart beat along with yours. But it’s hard to feel that hope when you’re constantly active, moving, and producing.

So we need seasons of slowing down – however we can get them, so that we can hear that voice of hope we’re called to give.

For some, summer can be a natural opportunity for that slow down. But even if summer isn’t that opportunity for you, this episode is a nice conversation on what slowing down on purpose can look like.

Crazy as it seems, it can take courage, planning, and effort to rest – but it’s worth it. Just planning a break and knowing you have one coming can be life giving, and here are some ideas to start.

Emily and Myquillyn share what they’re doing to make the most of this summer. Over time, they’ve learned how important a break is, and they work hard to be able to take one. This is what they do.

And before we’re done you’ll also hear some book talk for some summer reading ideas!

So here are a few ways on how to make the most of your summer, or of any time you’re able to take a break.


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