Several questions came up in the Facebook group and Dr. Brian spontaneously decided to offer a one-hour video chat to answer them. Trouble is, we hate to see that video get lost over time on Facebook, so let’s post it here so you can find it when you need it. Bear in mind it isn’t a planned tutorial, but answers to some of your questions off the top of Brian’s head. Which is a really knowledgeable and helpful head.


  • Integrating Google Docs with a website
  • Why auto-sending your blog to your email list subscribers is not the best idea.
  • A trial-and-error walk thru of Mailchimp to see how to begin setting up emails to notify subscribers of your new blog posts.
  • How to think about using email as a blogger – how to think beyond visitors
  • A description of the email clients available to you, working from free and low featured to costly and multi-featured – in that order: Mad Mimi –> Mailchimp –> Aweber –> Infusionsoft. For most of us, we think Mailchimp is a good choice.
  • The difference between and BTW, you can just google “self-hosted WordPress” to find lots of tutorials that will walk you through WordPress questions.
  • How to protect your online photos and work from being stolen – do you even need to worry about it?
  • How to think about a lead magnet. Basically, you want to create a small thing that makes YOUR readers say, “I want that.”
  • How to think about starting on Instagram.

HERE YOU GO! (Give the audio about 15 sec to crank up, OK?)